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Kind Words

Sometimes, people say nice things.


" While working on our largest account, she provided exactly what we needed: 100% reliability. "

I had the amazing pleasure of working with Carissa not once, but twice. We first met while we were both freelancing for a marketing department within a larger company. She was part of a three-person creative staff that supported 10+ accounts. Needless to say, it was not easy to navigate. However, Carissa always brought a positive professional attitude to the table. She showcased her expertise from day one, and quickly won the trust of everyone she worked with. This allowed for both elevated creative output and a balanced work environment. She came in and quickly made work better. 

The level of trust that developed from this experience led me to request her to be hired at my next job. While working on our largest account, she provided exactly what we needed: 100% reliability. Her design aligned perfectly with the client’s needs, her files were always clean and delivered with no issue, she worked quickly and (if her bandwidth allowed) raised her hand for more. 

If given the opportunity, I would hire Carissa again and again. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about her specific skill set or experience. 

 – Jett Harsh, Project Director, NEMO Design

"Carissa’s talent, intelligence, honesty and inimitable spirit are invaluable and truly one of a kind—we can’t wait to work with her again."

Carissa is one of the strongest, most versatile designers I have ever worked with. She is incapable of dialing it in. An exceptionally sharp problem-solver and consummate team player, she’s always searching for new angles and ideas to keep her work fresh and our clients happy. Her work ethic, attention to detail and consistent Midwestern positivity are a mainstay, no matter the task at hand or the various difficulties surrounding a project. 

Her natural eye for design and consistent drive toward self-improvement elevates every project she touches. Whether she’s designing a project from scratch or offering art direction to a teammate, she leaves a trail of smart, beautiful design in her wake.

 – Kyle Sullivan, Creative Director, Cyclops

"She not only locks down the project details from a creative and design standpoint, she is often the most knowledgeable person in the room from an operations standpoint. "

Above and beyond her contributions as an uber-talented designer and art director, Carissa’s mind is a steel trap for detail. She puts account managers and project managers at ease by always knowing what’s going on and keeping track of every project nuance, allowing her to stay one step ahead of any project and foreseeing roadblocks in advance. If she weren’t such a skilled and naturally talented designer, she could easily transition into a career as a business executive.

Carissa is a wonderful collaborator and is always receptive to client feedback (no matter how unexpected it might be). Always on the ball, she responds quickly, clearly and smartly to every communication. On top of all this, she is, as I mentioned, an uber-talented designer. I really cannot recommend her enough. 

– Renee Yama, Marketing Director, CLEAResult



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